Let’s take the pain out of how people pay at your venue.

You work hard to create a great restaurant experience. Make sure you give your customers the best possible¬† experience right till they leave by allowing them to pay and tip on their own device. Your staff will save time, you’ll turn tables faster and your customers will be empowered to pay and tip. Your clientele will love it!

Faster, better customer payments.

One simple QR code

Insert it on your bill and you’re done in a jiffy. Simples.

Custom Tipping

Set your preferences for tipping and allow customers to show their appreciation.

Simple payment

The customer completes payment on their device. No table device needed.

Integrated rewards

Build the feelgood factor and set the trigger to get them coming back. Coming soon!

Group bill splitting

Allow your customers to manage their split themselves. No fall outs!

Integrated gift cards

Sell and redeem gift cards with no-touch experience by staff. Coming soon!

Your restaurant needs a better payment experience.

Turn those tables

Faster table turns standard

Boost your business by gaining 10 minutes+ on each table by allowing customers to pay with own devices.

Retain happy staff

40%+ tips and happier staff

Free up staff to give more valued customer attention and boost their tips. They’ll thank you by staying!

Lose the awkward

Pain-free experience

Guess what? Customers HATE awkward payment experiences. Help solo payers and groups lose the awkward.

Happy customers

Feel the love

Customers love paying with VillagePod. Let your payment experience shine as much as your restaurant.

For payments your staff will


By enabling customers to pay themselves, your staff not only save time but can expect 40%+ more tips from happy customers. It’s a staff retention tool that pays for itself.

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