Restaurant payments, but better.

If you’re only using handheld payment devices in your restaurant, you have a payments problem. More and more restaurants are boosting profitability by recognising the hidden costs of a poor payment experience. Take action today to help your business thrive.

What's the problem?

The hidden cost of a poor payments experience is hurting your business

When it comes to table service, it doesn’t make sense for staff to have bring payment devices to the table and babysit them while customers pay. There is now a better way which saves time, de-stresses staff and results in happier customers. Now you know there is a better way, can you afford to ignore it?

A poor payments experience is killing your profitability.

Advances in payments technology mean there is now a better way.

Your staff will thank you. Your customers will love you even more.

Key Benefits

Save staff time and improve customer experience

Reduce wasted time

Now staff have better things to do than find and operate clunky payment devices.

Boost staff tips

Boost those tips with easy customisation and emotional messaging.

Turn tables faster

Customers paying faster means them moving on faster. Make way for more revenue.

Get more reviews

Turn every payment into an opportunity to generate positive public reviews.

Delight customers

Allow customers to pay with their own devices fast and fuss-free. They’ll love it!

We’re helping our local restaurants survive and thrive

It’s a better solution for staff, customers just love it and it’s turning the needle for restaurants far and wide. Will you let us help your restaurant survive and thrive today?

More Tips

Customers that feel good tip better.

Faster Table Turns

Get that extra table or two into service.

More Reviews

Drive satisfied customers to your favourite review sites.

Staff Time Saved

Free up staff to add value in the customer experience.

Making it happen

We make the complicated, simple.


Hook up your POS

Hook up your POS system or work VillagePay standalone. We’ll guide you and talk to your POS provider directly if needed.


Connect your payment provider

Integrate with your existing payment processor or use one of ours. We integrate with most leading payment providers.


You’re set – time to go live

We’ll send you a welcome pack and walk your staff through all they need to know. We’ll make it dead simple and don’t tie you into contracts.

Trusted by restaurants far and wide

Join the club

We’re trusted by leading restaurant operators and are welcoming new restaurants daily.

You and your staff work too hard to run on awkward payments 

 You and your team work hard to deliver the very best experience to your customers, but when it comes to paying, you have a hidden problem: staff are still using technology that has gone almost nowhere in 20 years. You’re paying for costly payment devices that you mostly don’t need anymore and paying for staff to find them and manage them at the table. Meanwhile, customers all have their own devices and most of them would prefer to use them to pay.  Do everyone a favour and make the change!

A better payments experience

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